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The final installment in my three-part Huge Cow Paintings commission.


Doing this calf was one of my most memorable painting experiences to date. When I first got done with it I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out but I sent a picture of it to the client anyway because I just couldn't figure out how to make it any better. She wasn't thrilled either, mainly because she had loved the first two so much and didn't think this one quite lived up.


Distressed and depressed I did the riskiest thing possible: I posted it to a Facebook oil painting group and asked for suggestions. I braced myself for the negaivity, and it came. "Looks like a pig" was one of the nicer ones.


But I put my ego on hold and studied the constructive in the comments, carefully comparing them to the painting and checking for hard truth. And boy I found it. I distilled over 200 comments down to six facts about what needed to be improved.


I did all six. It completely lifted the painting, and both the patron and I were much happier with it. I reposted it to Facebook with a thank you to all who had helped, and got nothing back but gracious encouragement. Not everyone on social media are trolls. Some are actually helpful if you can swallow your ego.


If I could have fit 200 signatures on the canvas I might have considered it.



36 X 24

Oil on canvas

Cow Three

Excluding Sales Tax
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