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Our family has a cabin in the mountains of New Hampshire. It's on land with lots of trees, next to a river. When we are there I get up early -- when the sun is at the best angle -- and walk around looking at how the light flows through the trees. When I find some magic I take a picture with my phone. The picture never fails to capture the objects but lose the magic. So I consider it my job to take the phone to my easel, open up the photo, and put the magic back in. Sometimes I even succeed a little bit. 


There are a ton of great places to swim along the Pemigewasset River with little micro-falls (although it's usually too cold for me). And traditionally we are very kind to tresspassers. We dont even call them tresspassers, because that wouldn't be kind. ( we forgive those who tresspass against us.)


All that to say, I don't know who the person in this painting is.



12 X 16

Oil on panel

Morning Swim in the Pemi

$380.00 Regular Price
$190.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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