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Summer, 1978

14 x 10, oil on panel

I’ve been absorbing Rick Ruben’s fascinating new book “The Creative Act,” and it’s inspired me to think less about subject matter that might sell and more about ideas that light up my soul, regardless of what others might think. I’m learning to move through the world open to the images that really resonate and go from there. Like I used to do when writing.

So the other day I was driving in our rural neighborhood and saw, in a wide open field, a little board leaning on a little cinder block. I knew right away that there must be a 10 year old boy living there.

I was pulled back to 70’s summer Houston afternoons, doing my best Evel Knieval impression. I was never as good at it as the kid in this painting.


But I remember the feeling like it was today.

Summer, 1978

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