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I love cats. But even if you don't you have to admire how easily they can get wherever they want to go and balance on the tiniest of surfaces. I once saw a cat sleeping on the seat of a parked bike - not just sitting there but actually asleep - and I wondered how often that happens. I loved that a single image can contain so much chill (deep relaxed sleep) and tension (is he gonna fall??) at the exact same time. I decided to make a series called "Cats on Bikes." Nine little 7 x 7 paintings of cats walking, sitting, and sleeping on different parts of bikes. 


This is Gizmo. He's somewhere in the Italian countryside I think, smashing flowers with his back feet (because he doesn't care) while reaching for the tiny crossbar with his front (because he has no fear.)



7" x 7"

Oil on panel




Excluding Sales Tax
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