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Like you, all I could think about during COVID lock down was going somewhere. Anywhere. France, Italy, the post office. So I painted lots of romantic, faraway places. Because when you paint you enter that world for a while. You go there sortof.


This trip was to Venice. I painted the gondola from a photo I found and just added the man and woman freehand. When I stood back and looked all I could see was my 16 year old son and this old lady from the church I used to go to named Jackie. She always wore a hat like that. I didn't intend for those two to show up in that boat, but they did. Now I have to create the backstory to explain why.


Anyway the title comes from That's Amore. I sang it the whole time I painted.



12" x 16"

Oil on panel



When the World Seems to Shine

Excluding Sales Tax
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